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Clément Aubin

from XWiki SAS

Currently working at XWiki SAS, I'm also a student at the EISTI and at Grenoble Business School. I have been involved in the free and Open Source software world since 2015 when I joined a student organization named ATILLA, that promotes free and libre alternatives to proprietary solutions.

Nowadays, most of my contributions to FOSS go into the development of the XWiki Open Source software, a great project in which I have been contributing for almost a year.

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When working in teams on a project, we often observe that people don't tend not to use very collaborative solutions for their work. Documents get scattered across multiple folders or in emails, it gets harder to distinguish an old version of a document from a new one and we miss the possibility to link documents between each others.

XWiki aims to provide a solution to this problem. Based on the concept of "wiki" : a website on which people can create pages and make links between them ; XWiki offers an actual platform that, in addition to providing every features needed for a good wiki (page history, links, hierarchy, …), allows the real creation of collaborative spaces.

This conference aims to show how XWiki can help any individual or team to build a knowledge base adapted to his needs. We will run through some of the most popular features proposed by XWiki to adapt the platform to company use cases.

The workshop will be held as follows :

  1. Presentation of the XWiki Open Source project and the concepts behind it ;
  2. Demonstration of the creation of a knowledge base for a team with a specific use case ;
  3. Questions and answers, either on the demonstration or more broadly on the Open Source project itself.

2018 July 9 - 12:30
30 min
ESCARPE - Amphi Ortscheidt
Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2018
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