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Bradley M. Kuhn

from Software Freedom Conservancy

Bradley M. Kuhn is the Distinguished Technologist at Software Freedom Conservancy, on the Board of Directors of Free Software Foundation (FSF), and editor-in-chief of Kuhn began his work in the software freedom movement in 1992 as a volunteer contributor to various projects. As FSF's Executive Director from 2001–2005, Kuhn led FSF's GPL enforcement, launched its Associate Member program, and invented the Affero GPL. Kuhn was appointed President of Software Freedom Conservancy in April 2006, was Conservancy's primary volunteer from 2006–2010, and has been a full-time staffer since 2011, where he is an active part of all of Conservancy's work in the software freedom community. Kuhn holds a summa cum laude B.S. in Computer Science from Loyola University in Maryland, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati. Kuhn received the O'Reilly Open Source Award in 2012, in recognition for his lifelong policy work on copyleft licensing.

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With the advent of the license compliance industrial complex has also come the prioritization of most tools and training materials to understand how to properly utilize and reuse freely license code under Open Source and Free Software licenses. The problem is not only ironic, but allows compliance industry vendors and contractors alike to create the same styles of fiefdoms that software freedom has eroded. We need a rewned focus on this particular area of proprietarization.

This talk will provide a survey of how the compliance industry works, discuss the suspected motivations as to why license compliance experts prefer to proprietarize their materials and work product, and discuss initiatives like the Copyleft Guide at that seek to balance the issue by developing freely licensed training materials.

Ultimately, the proprietarization and control structures we see throughout the digital education system exist in the license compliance education area as well. While we as software freedom activists may not have the skills readily necessary to solve the larger problem easier, we can bring to bear our collective knowledge and experience to assure that business ventures that do not share our values do not control how people learn about our community's licenses.

2018 July 7 - 15:30
1 h
Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2018

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