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Rooms at the Cité U. de la Robertsau

Vous pouvez réserver une chambre individuelle avec sanitaires et cuisine collectifs pour 6 nuits, du 6 au 12 juillet, pour 120 €, tout compris.

Youth hostels and hotels

List of different affordable accommodation available in and around Strasbourg:

  • Auberge des 2 rives

    A nice hostel located at the german border.

  • Camping de Strasbourg

    The big camping of Strasbourg at price of 28.5e/night (and 34.2 with electricity). Caution: You need reserve before 01/06/2018 and the reservation have to be individual

  • Ciarus

    The Ciarus is a clean hostel, offering good meals, located at 20 min of walk from the university.

  • East Hotel

    Hostel in the Strasbourg's suburb of Hoenhein (price 45-50)

  • Hôtel F1

    In the Strasbourg's suburb of Illkirch, this Hostel F1 cost 40

  • Hôtel roi soleil

    Two hostel in Strasbourg: - on Mundolsheim (price 47) - on Strasbourg's train station (price 53)

  • Ibis Hostels Strasbourg

    Some differents hostels Ibis available for price of 38-100

  • Première classe Strasbourg OUEST

    A cheap hostel (price 35-50) near to hautepierre in Strasbourg