Mail - Call for donations for the LSM 2018 X

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  • Date: tue, 22 May 2018 16:45:42
  • From: 'rmll 2018 team' <contact [AT]>
  • To: You
  • Subject : Call for donations for the LSM 2018

Hello everyone,

This year, we organize the LSM 2018 with a very limited budget, which obliges us to a certain austerity in our capacities of reception.

We have long thought about the various solutions to supplement our subsidies and allow us the necessary advance to pay the suppliers and pay the interveners.

We decided not to go through a heavy and expensive participatory financing system, but only to collect direct donations.

This collection will allow us to defray the travel expenses of the interveners and the capture of activities.

If you wish, we will post your participation on our website.

Beyond 1 000€, you can request an appearance on our other communication media.

We are open to all negotiations.